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COVID-19 update 5/15/2020:
I am continuing to see patients for scheduled appointments when possible. I am following pandemic safety precautions that include a requirement for everyone present to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing. I have masks on hand for those without one. Factors that require rescheduling appointments include:
* Any cold/flu-like symptoms in members of your household.
* Any activities with high risk of viral exposure (such as air travel, participation in mass gatherings, or contact with a known community "hotspot") by members of your household during the past two weeks.
* Inability to maintain social distancing due to age, symptoms, or cognitive impairment.

The regulations and technologies for telehealth are evolving rapidly in response to the pandemic. Currently I am able to do some, but not all, types of testing remotely. After I have reviewed a referral I will be able to determine whether telehealth is an option for your case.