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COVID-19 update 3/28/2020:
This practice is included in the list of Alaska Essential Services and Critical Workforce Infrastructure ("mental health providers"). I am continuing to see patients for scheduled appointments when possible. Factors that require rescheduling appointments include:
* Any cold/flu-like symptoms in members of your household.
* Any activities with high risk of viral exposure (such as airline travel) by members of your household during the past two weeks.
* Inability to avoid direct physical contact due to age, symptoms, or cognitive impairment.

If you or someone in your household meets one of those criteria, please call me at 907-799-7695 and do not come to your appointment. Anyone wishing to cancel or reschedule an appointment may do so with no penalty or hard feelings. We should all be prioritizing the safety of our families, elders, neighbors, and essential workers at this dangerous time.

I am wiping down high-contact surfaces in the office with disinfectant wipes between cases. I request that I and anyone else present wash our hands before beginning the evaluation, and after any touching of our faces. Under normal circumstances I have children's toys in the office, but those have been removed to reduce the risk of disease transmission. Please feel free to bring toys of your own if you wish.

The regulations and technologies for telehealth are evolving rapidly. Currently I am able to do some, but not all, types of testing remotely. After I have reviewed a referral I will be able to determine whether telehealth is an option for your case.

I will post any updates regarding my practice's operations here.